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INTOO — Layoff Notification Guide and Script

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Laying off an employee is one of the hardest tasks HR and leaders face at work. This employee layoff notification script and guide will help you through the process by providing a checklist to help you prepare for the meeting, a layoff notification script and tips on how to handle emotional reactions, as well as what steps to take after the meeting, including how to engage remaining employees.

Below is the beginning of the script. Download the guide to continue reading.

Sample Employee Layoff Notification Script

(Remember to speak slowly and calmly)

Manager: Hello, and thank you for meeting with me. I’ve called this meeting because I must, unfortunately, inform you that your position is being eliminated. We do not have another position in the company for you. This means you are being laid off and will work with Human Resources to complete your transition. Here is your official Notice of Layoff.